As organizations are advancing towards the cloud-based environment for streamline efficiency, and ensure systems and data are available to workers anywhere. At the same time keeping their data safe and secure in the cloud is a very challenging task for the companies too. Privacy and security are the most important issues to the popularity of cloud computing service.

Hyperealiti is providing their Enterprise customers Digital Privacy Protection services through proper usage, handling, processing, and storage of Customer personal information.

Hyperealiti innovate most trusted digital identity access management solution to provide access to business transactions, online services, websites, and apps to verify activities and transactions online such as

Cronus Digital helps Establish organization wide information security by designing Governance framework for their data integrity, data security, availability, and consistency. Our services include data relationships and lineage, technical and enterprise metadata, data profiling, data certification, data classification, data engineering, and collaboration.

As Mobile Identity is playing a vital role in digital economy. It is an extension of digital identity provided via mobile networks or devices. Cronus Digital Mobile identity Services is a state of the art verification solution that consists of several real-time identification and authorization services with improved UX and a stronger authentication layer to protect online transactions for user-facing financial applications and websites on mobile. It is not just an enabler for logging in and transacting it can also play a central role in communication and interaction with people and things.

Cronus Digital Smart Card Identity Management System provide a higher level of security include personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing to its customer in Health Care, Banking and Retail, Government Applications to securely identify and authenticate the card holder and third parties.

Cronus Digital provide Digital signatures services that help minimize the risk of fraud and thus help secure online transactions. Every digitally signed digital document is authenticated with a verified digital identity reduce the risk of duplication or alteration of the document itself. To strengthen verification, Cronus Digital secure process involves biometric technology such as facial recognition etc.